Simone van den Bergh


Fields of practice
  • Individual dismissals
  • Collective dismissals and restructurings
  • Non-competition
  • Employment contracts
  • Pension law

Simone van den Bergh joined the Employment Law team at LXA The Law Firm in ’s Hertogenbosch in 2018.

Simone advices on all aspects of employment law to both international and Dutch companies, as well as employees. Her areas of interest include litigation in the field of employment law and the position of managing directors.

In addition to running her practice, Simone regularly writes blogs on employment law topics and provides workshops.

Simone is a member of the Association for Young Employment Lawyers (VJAA).

Simone’s recent work includes
  • Litigation (including arbitration) in the field of employment law
  • Providing guidance of a dismissal with immediate effect
  • Review and advise on employment contracts and compensation schemes
  • Give lecture on Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB)

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