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The trade in counterfeit products inflicts tremendous damages on companies, running into the billions of euros per year. Fighting the trade in counterfeit products depends on an effective legal approach. Fighting the trade in counterfeit products is always custom work. Every holder of a trademark or other intellectual property right requires an individual approach and strategy. We work the way you want to see us work.


Due to the extent and cross-border nature of the trade in counterfeit products, our Anti-counterfeiting team works closely with international experts, researchers, other attorneys and in-company legal departments. To be as effective as possible for our clients, we maintain close contacts with police officers and customs officials lending their efforts to the fight against the trade in counterfeit products.

Our own efforts in this area include sending demand notices and cease-and-desist letters, seizing bank accounts and/or inventories, obtaining ex parte orders, litigating, filing reports with the police and the FIOD (Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service), project management on major investigations, coordination of private investigation/infiltration activities, and removing advertisements on online marketplaces.
We have set out our proven approach to fighting the trade in counterfeit products in a short animation entitled ‘Brand Protection Road Map’. 


LXA works in the most cost-effective ways, at fixed, pre-agreed prices. We work to make sure that the infringer pays, including for our costs. For most clients, our counterfeit product-fighting program is self-funding.


The brand protection team has over 30 years of experience in effectively fighting the trade in counterfeit products. The attorneys of our team are members of the ECTA anti-counterfeit committee and participate in various expert commissions. We stay on top of worldwide developments in the fight against counterfeit products. We have a long history of working in this area for a broad spectrum of national and international companies, including brands in the consumer electronics, personal care products, toys, automotive, fashion, perfume, jewelry and other luxury goods sectors. 

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