Venture capital and Startups

The Venture Capital and Startup team is geared to serve as trusted advisor to investors, startups and scaleups with at least an MVP and a certain level of traction. We interface with other disciplines within our full-service firm as required (areas like intellectual property, GDPR/privacy and labour law).

The LXA Venture Capital and Startup Team is dedicated to:

  • early stage financing
  • making startups and scaleups investment-ready

We can hold our own against the biggest law firms and top boutique firms with ease, and have a track record we are proud of. Over the past two years, we have:

  • made over 200 ventures investment-ready
  • handled over 150 venture capital transactions
Investment rounds

We are regularly involved in investment rounds in a variety of ways, from drafting recommendations in the background to overseeing the complete transaction. Our primary focus is on tech ventures.


We have an extensive network in the startup space, and work closely with:

  • investors
  • accelerators, venture builders and incubators
  • valuators
  • corporate finance parties
  • subsidy consultants
  • auditors
  • tax specialists
  • civil-law notaries
Style and earning model

The team is user-friendly and is made up of the sharp, hands-on, creative attorneys who represent our quality guarantee to you and are our most responsive and service-oriented professionals. We are a modern team with a contemporary style, and go beyond pure legal analyses to deliver real solutions.

We pursue earning models that are progressive and put the minimum possible burden on the venture. That means no endlessly billing hours, but capped, fixed, success fees. And payment conditions you will like, like payment at closing or payment in installments.

Meet the engine

We understand that "legal" in the early days of your venture may not have your primary attention and may be an unpopular cost item. However, we will be happy to help you prevent your venture from turning out not to be "investment ready" at any time because - for example - an investor withdraws during the due diligence process on legal grounds.


That is why LXA offers you "The Engine": a startup friendly and therefore affordable  package of the following services:

  • legal screening of your business model
  • legal advice on day-to-day matters during your venture building and MVP process
  • advice on IP matters (including filing of designs, patents, trademarks and domain names, freedom to operate analyses and infringement opinions)
  • advice on the preferred corporate structure (including the incorporation of a BV)
  • confidentiality, R&D and (intercompany) licensing agreements
  • GDPR compliance scans
  • founders’, management and employment agreements
  • employee participation plans
  • commercial agreements
  • (master) franchise agreements
  • website documents (such as general terms, disclaimer and privacy statement)
  • advice on subsidies (such as WBSO subsidies) and insurances
  • corporate finance assistance (including pitch deck services)
  • advice on fiscal matters (such as the Innovation Box)
  • term sheets (check our online term sheet generator:
  • advice on and handling of traditional investment rounds (FFF, angel, seed, Series A, B and C and IPO)
  • advice on and handling of ICO’s





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