Inge Franken


Fields of practice
  • General Administrative Law
  • Commercial Tenancy Law
  • Government Liability
  • Asbestos

Inge has registered the following principal legal practice area in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):

  • Real Estate Law

Based on this registration, she is required to obtain ten training credits per calender year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

Inge Franken joined LXA Attorneys in 2011. Inge works within the Public and Real Estate team, with a special focus on civil property law. Inge is specialized in advising and litigating in matters involving private construction law, the general law of obligations and in asbestos-related cases.

She furthermore conducts civil-law legal proceedings (both before the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry in the Netherlands and before the regular courts) in matters involving construction law and the general law of obligations, with a further focus on advising and litigating in asbestos-related issues.

Inge is a member of the Association of Construction Law Lawyers.

Inge's recent work
  • Advising regarding the tender of a large asbestos remediation in a hospital
  • Several legal procedures to get compensation as a result of unlawful government act
  • Several procedures (before the Court of Arbitrations and the regular Court) regarding asbestos relating disputes
  • Advising and assisting contractors in the formation of a joint venture with their client, including the assessment of the (construction) contracts
  • Advising on a complex tender process for a major asbestos remediation project in a hospital

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