Public and Real Estate

In our society, the government has a privileged position, and because of it, government action is subject to special legislation and regulations. The fact is that as a commercial party, you will eventually have dealings with the government – whether it’s at your initiative, or theirs. Either way, when that happens you will need specialized legal knowledge. When it does, we will be there to give it to you.

Development, management and leasing of commercial property all fall under the government’s sphere of control. By bundling our knowledge, we are able to advise and litigate on aspects of dealing with the government, like spatial development, construction law, environmental law, commercial tenancy law and government liability.

Last but not least, our attorneys have a reputation as the leading experts in the laws surrounding asbestos and asbestos removal.

Our team serves all parties: municipal authorities, enterprises, project developers, property owners, housing corporations, homeowners’ associations and property managers.

The Property and Government team advises on:
  • General administrative law
  • Administrative law and spatial planning
  • Environmental law
  • Building Law
  • Commercial tenancy Law
  • Property financing
  • Employment conditions
  • Hazardous materials

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