Franchising is a form of partnership more and more people are choosing as a way of going into business. This business model is particularly popular in the Netherlands, which is leading Europe in this trend.
Each of the attorneys in the Franchise practice group focuses their specific areas of legal expertise primarily on franchising matters. We bring together the wide range of specializations available in our firm (contract law, tenancy law, competition law, insolvency, intellectual property, and everything else that can be relevant in franchising situations) to give our clients the best and most in-depth advice. This full-service approach, which puts all the specialized knowledge available in our firm into your hands, makes us truly a one-stop shop for franchisors.

Our specialist service approach is a multi-pronged approach that includes: advising on the setup of new franchise formulas (or expansion of existing ones), drafting contracts and advising on franchising agreements, and litigating when franchise-related disputes arise.

Our franchise team has over 20 years of experience in the field and an impressive track record both nationally and internationally. LXA is the house law firm for over 35 national franchising organizations, making us one of the biggest in the nation.


Our franchise attorneys are affiliated with:
LXA Franchise Aangesloten Bij Kopiëren
The Franchise team supports our clients on issues like:
  • Franchising and contract law
  • Franchising and tenancy law
  • Franchising and competition law
  • Franchising and insolvency
  • Franchising and intellectual property
Franchising Act:

On 12 December 2018, the State Secretary submitted a legislative proposal entitled “Amendment of Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code in connection with the introduction of the rules governing the franchise agreement (The Franchising Act)”. This proposal introduces special measures to govern franchising agreements. The new law may have an impact on you as a franchisor.
There has been substantial criticism of the proposal, particularly from franchisors. The legislative proposal contains many open standards and is vague on many points, and many expect that it will only increase legal uncertainty. The state secretary has pledged to review all critical responses to the legislative proposal and may incorporate them into a new draft.
Naturally, LXA is watching this process closely, and will be proactively advising all our franchising clients as things develop.

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