The construction industry never stands still. Stakeholders are always faced with new developments and changes. Sometimes negative, such as rising construction costs, sometimes positive, such as new trends like circular or modular construction. The parties involved also have to deal with changing or new legislation and regulations, such as the Dutch Building Quality Assurance Act. (‘Wet kwaliteitsborging’). Construction, in this day and age, offers many challenges. Plenty of opportunities but also more and more risks. Good and sound legal advice and assistance is therefore indispensable. When concluding contracts as well as when preventing and resolving disputes. The specialised construction lawyers of the LXA construction team are at your service.

The LXA construction team assists all parties in the construction chain, such as contractors, constructors, installers, architects, clients, large and small construction companies, property developers and joint ventures.

Our construction lawyers advise on all kinds of contracts and conditions. They draft and review contracts. LXA construction lawyers are therefore well versed in the various terms and conditions used in construction.

During construction projects, various discussions and disputes may arise, such as discussions about the price of the work, contract variations, guarantees, defects in the work, delays, delivery perils. Preventing disputes and resolving them out of court is preferable. If this fails, disputes will have to be settled through proceedings. In that case, it is important that you determine your position well and anticipate proceedings. The way in which things are recorded or communicated is also of vital importance. That is also where LXA's specialists come in and are the partner you can rely on. The LXA construction team has extensive experience in litigation in first instance, appeal, interlocutory proceedings as well as proceedings at the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry (RvA).

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