Our team can rightly call itself the Netherlands’ leading specialist on asbestos issues, both in the public and private law arenas. Whether it’s property transactions, leases, contracting agreements or liability law, the moment asbestos comes into the picture, you should come straight to us for the answers to all your legal questions. We act for both lessors and tenants, and for buyers and sellers. And our clients also include the parties that go into action when asbestos becomes an issue (surveyors, removal specialists, laboratories and their customers).

LXA is the only law firm in the Netherlands with in-house expertise on the technical aspects of asbestos (SC-570). This knowledge advantage gives you a significant edge in legal proceedings. Our team knows all the ins and outs of asbestos-related activities and all the potential pitfalls of cleanup measures: penalty decisions (, revocation and suspension of certifications, forced project stoppages, etc. Lately we have seen that enforcement can go beyond project stoppage -- in the most extreme cases, a company can have its entire business operations preventively suspended ( Our team has specialists who can handle all these things.

Alongside our day-to-day activities in the practice of law, the team is very active in knowledge-sharing. Perhaps the most prominent example is the book Asbest, Toezicht en Handhaving (“Asbestos, Regulation and Enforcement”), written by Tim Segers, Peter Huijbregts and Jelle Bekke. It is now in its third edition. 

LXA Asbest Boek

In addition, several times per year, our team organizes a one-day training course entitled “Asbestos for jurists”, and the team members are in demand as speakers at conferences and symposia.

LXA also keeps the market up-to-date on the latest developments and our victories on the asbestos landscape, so sign up to our asbestos newsletter and never miss the latest news.

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