Intellectual Property/IT & Privacy

Intellectual property rights are among your company’s biggest assets. That’s why you need the best possible protection for your brands, designs, software and innovations. Our Intellectual Property/ICT and Privacy Team takes the right pragmatic approach to the optimal protection and monetization of your intellectual property rights. We are also specialized in litigating in this area, both in court and administrative proceedings before the intellectual property agencies.

The tech sector changes rapidly. SAAS (software as a service), blockchain, smart contracts, big data and artificial intelligence are all increasingly important components of doing business, both online and offline. LXA follows all the latest developments closely, and is your go-to partner for drafting licensing agreements, development agreements, maintenance agreements, cloud computing agreements, and all your tech-related contracts, as well as litigating on any tech-related disputes, no matter how complex.
Attention to privacy issues has increased dramatically since the introduction of the GDPR in Europe. Now, every company requires a solid privacy policy for employees, customers, website visitors, and partner companies. We have a long history of helping online stores, software companies and SMEs get on top of their privacy policies, effectively and painlessly.

Our specialists have an impressive track record, both nationally and internationally, and work regularly for industry-leading enterprises. We give clear and transparent advice with a sharp focus on results. Our specialists are well-versed in the tech industry and speak the language of the service providers and their customers.

The Intellectual Property/ICT and Privacy Team advises on:
  • Copyright law
  • Design law
  • Patent law
  • Trademark law
  • Commercial law and domain name law
  • Marketing and advertising law
  • Anti-counterfeiting/ Brand protection
  • Data privacy issues
  • Tech industry contracts

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