Litigation & Arbitration

No one wants a legal dispute, but when they happen, the best strategy is to get advice at the earliest possible stage, preferably before the courts get involved. Depending on the circumstances, your best advice may be to take steps (legal or otherwise) right away. If despite our best efforts, litigation becomes unavoidable, you still have a number of options (summons in regular proceedings, preliminary relief proceedings, arbitration, etc.). You can also seize assets as security for your claim or to obtain the surrender of property.

We represent enterprises, institutions, executives, and shareholders in business conflicts. Our team is specialized in litigating in civil court, and has extensive experience in disputes before judges, the Netherlands Arbitration Institute, the ICC International Court of Arbitration, and the Netherlands Board of Arbitration for the Construction Industry. We give clear and transparent advice with a sharp focus on results.

The Litigation and Arbitration Team has knowledge and experience in:
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Officer and director liability
  • Fraud and asset recovery
  • Professional liability and disciplinary law
  • Commercial contracts
  • Insolvency, financing and collateral
  • Takeover disputes

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