Employment law

Our team primarily advises companies, company officers and HR managers on both standard and more complex employment law issues. When the situation so requires, we advise on those issues, negotiate settlements or litigate.

We are active in all sectors and have in-house specialist knowledge on reorganizations, mergers and takeovers, mass layoffs, executive officer issues, employment conditions, employee participation, international contracts and collective labour agreements.

We are the sounding board you’re looking for to bounce ideas off and for strategic brainstorming. You can count on personal, targeted and effective advice from us. Our large and specialized team has years of experience. We believe in giving all our clients extra attention, and in always continuing to build on our relationships, because we know that Trust = Everything. At LXA, our default mode is direct communication and straight talk. And that serves our pragmatic approach best. That means no unnecessarily long explanations, just straight advice.

The Employment Law Team advises on:
  • Individual and group layoffs
  • Reorganizations and restructuring
  • Executive officers, designated managing director, and special employment conditions
  • Works Council/employee participation issues
  • Flexible employment relationships (temporary staffing, secondment, etc.)
  • Drafting or amending employment contracts, staff benefits packages and protocols
  • Sickness absence and rehabilitation

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