Our Corporate / M&A Team serves enterprises and investors, and is expert in all aspects of business law. We evaluate contracts and structures, and advise on all possible questions relating to corporate law. The team mainly specializes in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital transactions and private equity transactions.
Our team primarily advises companies, company officers and HR managers on both standard and more complex employment law issues. When the situation so requires, we advise on those issues, negotiate settlements or litigate.
Intellectual property rights are among your company’s biggest assets. That’s why you need the best possible protection for your brands, designs, software and innovations. Our Intellectual Property/ICT and Privacy Team takes the right pragmatic approach to the optimal protection and monetization of your intellectual property rights. We are also specialized in litigating in this area, both in court and administrative proceedings before the intellectual property agencies.
In our society, the government has a privileged position, and because of it, government action is subject to special legislation and regulations. The fact is that as a commercial party, you will eventually have dealings with the government – whether it’s at your initiative, or theirs. Either way, when that happens you will need specialized legal knowledge. When it does, we will be there to give it to you.
Our Insolvency Law and Restructuring team has years of experience at both the national and international levels, and the right knowledge to safely steer all stakeholders through bankruptcy, suspension of payments or restructuring. We can deliver the advice that you are looking for, whether you’re a managing director, shareholder, supervisory director, pledgee, mortgagor or employee.
No one wants a legal dispute, but when they happen, the best strategy is to get advice at the earliest possible stage, preferably before the courts get involved. Depending on the circumstances, your best advice may be to take steps (legal or otherwise) right away. If despite our best efforts, litigation becomes unavoidable, you still have a number of options (summons in regular proceedings, preliminary relief proceedings, arbitration, etc.). You can also seize assets as security for your claim or to obtain the surrender of property.
Good business operations are built on correctly documenting the arrangements made with your clients, vendors, partners and customers. We advise enterprises in drafting, performing, and terminating commercial contracts at both the national and international levels. Our advice is in plain language, and goes beyond just giving you options: we tell you which way to go. We use model contracts when we can, but we always tailor them to your specific situation.

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