25 September 2015

In a major action against brand fraud were arrested this week fifteen suspects. They acted, inter alia, clothing, watches and shoes, which were sold as branded products. It began last Saturday at the Beverwijkse Bazaar. There counterfeit goods were discovered at multiple merchants. The police, customs and FIOD onwards examined where these products came from. That led to a search of more of fifty stores and six residences.

Below a free translation of what was published on the news site today.

All goods destroyed

The harvest was tremendous. More than 100,000 pieces of clothing, perfumes, watches, shoes and bags were seized, as 4200 individual brand logos and a number of counterfeit racing bike rims and thousands of cigarettes. The market value of all this stuff is estimated at four million euros. All seized goods are destroyed.

Furthermore, police found 8.5 kilos of cannabis, explosives, heavy fireworks, counterfeit money, stolen goods and weapons. It was also seized a number of buildings, more than 55,000 euros in cash, cars and bank accounts of suspects.

Self storage

Many things were stored at companies where people can rent storage space, so-called 'self Storage' businesses. Also from the places counterfeit is being sold.  Public Prosecutor  invited these storage companies to a meeting, where they are told that they should help to prevent trade in counterfeit branded goods. The prosecution will now keep a sharp eye on what is happening at that store businesses.

Fifteen of the arrested suspects are still in custody. The eleven others have been fined or community service or to appear later in court.


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