Our team can rightly call itself the Netherlands’ leading specialist on asbestos issues, both in the public and private law arenas. Whether it’s property transactions, leases, contracting agreements or liability law, the moment asbestos comes into the picture, you should come straight to us for the answers to all your legal questions. We act for both lessors and tenants, and for buyers and sellers. And our clients also include the parties that go into action when asbestos becomes an issue (surveyors, removal specialists, laboratories and their customers).
Franchising is a form of partnership more and more people are choosing as a way of going into business. This business model is particularly popular in the Netherlands, which is leading Europe in this trend. Each of the attorneys in the Franchise practice group focuses their specific areas of legal expertise primarily on franchising matters. We bring together the wide range of specializations available in our firm (contract law, tenancy law, competition law, insolvency, intellectual property, and everything else that can be relevant in franchising situations) to give our clients the best and most in-depth advice. This full-service approach, which puts all the specialized knowledge available in our firm into your hands, makes us truly a one-stop shop for franchisors.
Fraud is something that companies must be ever-vigilant against. One out of five companies faces at least one incident of material fraud every year. Knowing how to prevent fraud is a critical business skill. And when fraud happens, you need to know how to respond fast. One of the things that has to happen as fast as possible is securing your assets.
The trade in counterfeit products inflicts tremendous damages on companies, running into the billions of euros per year. Fighting the trade in counterfeit products depends on an effective legal approach. Fighting the trade in counterfeit products is always custom work. Every holder of a trademark or other intellectual property right requires an individual approach and strategy. We work the way you want to see us work.
The project developer is the nerve centre of the whole property development process. This is the person who handles the whole gamut of aspects, everything from zoning plan changes and permits to signing contracts with the land owner, the tenants, the backing investors, the financers, the contractor, and all other stakeholders.
The construction industry never stands still. Stakeholders are always faced with new developments and changes. Sometimes negative, such as rising construction costs, sometimes positive, such as new trends like circular or modular construction. The parties involved also have to deal with changing or new legislation and regulations, such as the Dutch Building Quality Assurance Act. (‘Wet kwaliteitsborging’). Construction, in this day and age, offers many challenges. Plenty of opportunities but also more and more risks. Good and sound legal advice and assistance is therefore indispensable. When concluding contracts as well as when preventing and resolving disputes. The specialised construction lawyers of the LXA construction team are at your service.

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