Rent reduction calculator


The results provide insight into the rent reduction according to the calculation method from the preliminary ruling of the Supreme Court of 24 December 2021 (21/01584). Any special circumstances on the part of the tenant and/or landlord have not been taken into account. No rights may be derived from the use of this calculator and its results.

Do you have a lease agreement from before 15 March 2020 and are you renting or leasing a hospitality or retail property? Have you suffered loss of turnover due to the corona measures? If so, you or your tenant will probably be entitled to a rent reduction. Calculate the amount of rent reduction with this tool. This then provides a basis for entering into a discussion.


This calculator gives an indication of the rent reduction you or your tenant would be entitled to, based on the Supreme Court ruling. Please note that this is the main rule! In addition, only full months are taken into account. In concrete cases it remains a custom job. Do you want to know how the new approach of the Supreme Court will work out in your situation? Contact the rental law lawyers of LXA, free of obligation.

Consultation with the tenant or landlord

Does the tool show that you are entitled to a rent reduction? But you still can't work it out with your tenant or landlord? We have a lot of experience in conducting negotiations. We are happy to help you discuss the approach and strategy of such a conversation, or to conduct the negotiations on your behalf.

Is there still no solution? In those cases we can present your specific case to the cantonal court.

Any further questions? Please contact Peter Huijbregts or Eva Bakker, without obligation.